Youth accuse Kajiado North MCAs of misleading Lenku on employment

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado North Subcounty youths have accused the region MCAs of not being truthful on accusations against governor Joseph ole Lenku.

In a meeting held by youth leaders Lekishon Samuel, Moses Kamalik, Ruto Kilimo, Obama Matapash, Alex Kemboi and Abdi Salan they accused the MCAs of misleading the governor on matters of employment.

The youth who held a meeting on Wednesday claimed the MCAs have been sending names of cronies and close friends who have already been employed by the county taking 30% positions set aside for minority.

They threatened to release a list of individuals who have been employed by the governor and related to the MCAs.

The angry youth threatened to start process of recalling the MCAs, who they claim have failed the electorate.

`The electorates have no confidence in them, why are they not raising the issues in the assembly, ‘ Abdi said.

They claimed the MCAs have not delivered and challenged the same MCAs to stop blame games and side shows and share their two achievements to the public for last two years.

The MCAs had raised issues of Lenku sidelining the constituency in employment and development. They had sent a protest letter to the office of the governor on Monday.

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