Woman seeks Sh200,000 monthly child upkeep from Senator Ledama

A woman has moved to court seeking to compel Narok County Senator Ledama Olekina to pay child support for their son.

In court papers, the woman claims she met the senator in September 2019 and soon after were in an intimate relationship for a substantive period of time.

She wants the court to order the senator to pay a monthly upkeep of Sh200,000 as child support.

“The honourable court be pleased to order Olekina to pay the minor’s school fees and related expenses, and to include him in his medical cover pending hearing and determination of the application before court,” read the court papers.

Through lawyer Ojijo Kepher, she says the child was born on October 22 last year.

“When I conceived and realised I was pregnant, I immediately informed the senator that he was going to be a father but to my dismay and utter shock, he cut off communication with me,” she said.

She alleges that she went through pregnancy and even during the birth of the child alone and without any assistance or financial help from him.

The woman said she was left with no other choice but to settle the bills of the prenatal and delivery all by herself without any involvement from Olekina.

“I have singlehandedly catered for all the needs of the minor including shelter, clothing, food, nanny services and medical bills without any assistance from him,” she claims.

According to court application, Olekina has shown no interest in taking care of the minor and has severally demonstrated that he is not cornered with the minor’s welfare.

“I have since lost my employment and cannot fully sustain the basic needs of minor at his tender age alone,” she claims.

The woman claims that Olekina has constitutional and legal obligations to be responsible as a biological parent of the minor.

She further avers that following his persisting behaviour of absconding his duties as a father, she instructed her lawyers to write a demand for child support and maintenance from the legislator.

“But he has treated it with contempt thus making me believe that he has deliberately abdicated his parental responsibility,” she claims.

Chief magistrate CC Oluoch has ordered her to serve the senator with the application.

The case will be heard on January 11 next year.

Source Star Newspaper

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