Why Mosiro Ward is seen as Kajiado County’s Wild West

Mosiro Ward, considered by some locals as the Wild West of Kajiado, is miles far away behind from today’s level of development in other regions of the county.
It has no development record to showcase, 53 years after independence.
The ward has no reliable road link to Kajiado town the seat of devolved regional government.The only road to Oldorko from Ntulele in Narok County a treacherous track. The 50 km stretch from Ntulele town to Oldorko in Mosiro is hell on earth and negotiating the troublesome terrain for motorists is a nightmarish experience.
Although Mosiro is in Kajiado County, to access it one has to make a detour by driving through Machakos, Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru and Narok counties. Residents of the ward who are mostly the Purko Maasai depend on Narok and Nakuru counties for food rations and other stocks for survival.
While the County Government has established and refurbished a health centre and several schools in the ward, the illiteracy rate is still above 80 per cent, according to local teachers who have blamed it on retrogressive traditions such as female genital mutilation and moranism.
We spent two days at Mosiro Ward during the recent by-election that was necessitated by the death of area MCA, Peter Kurrinyo. It was never watched on television or aired on radio because the area remains forgotten in terms of infrastructure.
When other Kenyans have been, over the years, celebrating independence days, Mosiro has always remained quiet because they have nothing to showcase about independence.
The region has no mobile telephone network. This was the reason why residents of this land-locked ward did not even know that the Jubilee Government had promised them such goodies as a 55km road, boreholes, land titles deeds and several pledges bordering on development before the just concluded by-election so as to vote in a particular way.
All the above goodies were announced on television and radio stations, but the messages never reached Mosiro. Perhaps, had they gotten the good news, they would have voted in a Jubilee candidate.
The people here have been hardened by hardship that includes prolonged droughts.
Locals feel both the National and County governments have let down the people of Mosiro in terms of development.
Since independence, the people of Mosiro have been voting in councilors allied to the Government until 2013, when they chose an Opposition MCA candidate and governor.
Since 2013 to date, the ward has been receiving more than Sh40 million for development but the roads in the area are still terrible.
Seasonal rivers and streams have washed away many culverts and motorists using the roads at night put their lives at risk if they do not understand the routes.
Why Mosiro Ward
is seen as Kajiado
County’s Wild West
by -election specia l report

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