Why church should support children with disabilities in Kajiado County

By Kiprono Chebor

People with disabilities have always been the most vulnerable and helpless group in Kajiado County, and their vulnerability is increasing day by day due various challenges.
They often face problems due to poor health services before and after childbirth, lack of awareness on their nature, chronic epidemics that lead to body deformation among others. Their problems are compounded by the breakdown of traditional ways of caring for them. With the current fast changing society, children with disabilities face rejection from family members, hence they undergo deprivation, sorrow, anguish and even abuse in the hands of their relatives and the society.
It is, therefore, important that the church should rise to their cry for help. To begin with, it is important to realize that that every child with disability is a creation of God and therefore regarded in an equal member of the community. It is a wicked thing to ignore or maltreat a disable child just because of her or his nature. These children need love. The church must follow God’s example and give high priority to the needs of these vulnerable children.
Godliness involves care for vulnerable children; Children with disabilities need care. Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the vulnerable and keep oneself from being polluted by the world. With this in mind, the church should, therefore, be in vanguard when it comes to supporting and protecting them by creating awareness about their status and nature of the disability.
The church also should create and provide avenues that encourage all levels of governments to introduce laws and regulations that will not only protect their rights but also help in registering their details with the National Council for People with Disabilities (NCPWD). This will enable their parents, to secure employment and also get support for their schooling and medical treatment through healthcare medical insurance. It is should also be the role of the church to condemn in love all practices that go against religious beliefs.
The church should teach that the grace of God is sufficient in all situations no matter what. Children need to be encouraged and helped to achieve their desired goals and their hearty desires- the things they are interested in. Lastly, the church should establish boarding facilities and look for full scholarship for orphans to help Kajiado’s disabled children become godly contributors not only to their beloved communities in the county but also to the entire country and the world at large.
Rev.Kiprono Chebor is a pastor at Africa Inland Church, Ereteti in Kajiado County.

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