Two gazetted sub-counties dormant one year later

By Kurgat Marindany

Exactly one year after the Government gazetted two new sub counties in Kajiado County, no administrators have been posted there.
Not even the County Commissioner, David Kipkemei or his Deputy County Commissioner, William Kakimoni have the details of the newly created Elangata Wuas Sub-county that was carved out of the larger Kajiado West.

William Kakimoni, Kajiado West Deputy County Commissioner.
William Kakimoni, Kajiado West Deputy County Commissioner.
Charles Wambogo, Kajiado Central Deputy County Commissioner.
Charles Wambogo, Kajiado Central Deputy County Commissioner.

Kipkemei referred us to Kakimoni, who said he had no details about the creation of the new sub-county.
“I cannot tell you what I cannot verify. Give me time to check if there was a gazette notice to that effect,” Kakimoni said after two weeks of our concerted effort to get the information.
He later told us he had no information about any new creation, and we gave up on him.

Meanwhile, in Kajiado Central residents of Matapato have put up a house for a new Deputy County Commissioner for the newly established Oloilalai Sub County which will sit in Ngatataek trading centre as its headquarters.
Commissioner Kipkemei recently toured Ng’atataek and inspected the house and told the residents of the area that a new deputy county commissioner would be posted to the area after June.
“I am appealing to the local MP, Memusi Kanchori to use CDF money to establish a new office for the Deputy Dommissioner,” said Kipkemei.
The late Internal Security Minister Joseph Nkaissery in April last year announced the Government had created two new sub counties in Kajiado Central and Kajiado West constituencies.
The Government later gazetted the new sub-counties but their establishments have not been effected.
Elangata Wuas Sub-county was established following a heated verbal exchange between the then MP Moses Sakuda and leaders from the Iloodokilani community.
The people from Iloodokilani argued that they wanted to have their own district established in Elangata Wuas (Mile 46) but Sakuda had strongly stated that the new district headquarters would be in Olepolos.
Nkaissery had promised the people of Kajiado West that the new district would be established before end of August, 2017.
After his demise, nothing appeared to have moved on as regards the establishment of the new districts.
During a recent visit to Ng’atataek, politician and Tanathi Water Services Board Chairman, Stephen Nkabashi said the establishment of Oloililai Sub-county is long overdue.
“Matapato is the largest community entity in Kajiado and we are perturbed some people in Government are not moving fast enough to establish an office of a deputy county commissioner,” said Nkabashi.
Nkabashi appealed to Kipkemei to establish administration police posts in Lorngosua, Mailwa and Torosei to enhance security in those areas.
The introduction of the two more sub-counties in the county will make eight the total number of national administrative units in the region.
The late Nkaissery had said the headquarters of Kajiado West Sub-county would be at Olepolos town, while Elangata Wuas Sub-county would remain in Iloodokilani’s Maili 46 town.
He said the decision by the Government was informed by the distance between the two towns which had compelled the area Deputy County Commissioner, Kakimoni, to divide his working days so as to sufficiently serve the region.
Local leaders in Kajiado West led by politician, Joseph ole Simel in a meeting with former governor David Nkedianye had complained that the DCC could be absent from office for two weeks.
During the meeting held in Maili 46 town, in April last year, which was also attended by the then area MP, Sakuda, the leaders explained they were dissatisfied by the DCC because of absenteeism from office.
Sakuda came to the rescue of the administrator by explaining that he divided his month into two so as he could sit in Maili 46 for 14 days and the remaining days he could serve from Olepolos.
“My people have been suffering for many years from accessing Government services because of the bad terrain and roads. Some people travelled for more than 120 km, with a lot of trouble, to reach the current headquarters in Maili 46. We are happy that the Government has heard our cries,” said Sakuda on the phone in April last year.
Kajiado West Constituency is an electoral sub-county in Kajiado County. The current Member of Parliament is George Sunkuiya who came in after winning 2017 the election over Sakuda.
Kajiado West has five wards which include Keek-Onyokie, Magadi, Iloodokilani, Ewuaso Oo Nkidong’i and Mosiro each of which has a member of the County Assembly. This constituency has a population of about 104,300 people and 52,453 registered voters.
Kajiado West has major towns such as Ngong which also include Ngong Hills, part of Kiserian and the Kiserian dam.

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