TNA branch releases delegates list for national conference

By B.W Young Natembeya
National Alliance Party (TNA) Kajiado County Secretary, Christopher Roimen, has released a list of the delegates scheduled to attend the party national conference at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani, Nairobi on 8, 9 and 10, September, 2016.
The meeting is expected to endorse the Jubilee Party which President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto will use in the 2017 general election.
Speaking to the Kajiado County Press, Roimen said a list comprising of 1,500 National delegates was compiled in August 2012 that is the same list for the delegate who will converge at Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani.
“There has been no change to that structure. This is the list which will be used and the mandate of delegates still remains formally endorsing the formation of another party ahead of the next general election.
The agenda of TNA conference will be as follows: September 8, house-keeping, 9 resolution and confirmation and 10th officially endorsing of the party that the delegates will have chosen.
The party delegates will be as follows comprise 940 national officials, 538 elected and nominated MCAs, 74, elected and nominated MPs, 16 governors, senators and their deputies and six national officials all totaling to 1500.
There will be 20 Kajiado County delegates, three from each constituency, Kajiado North, East and West, he said, adding that one seat has been reserved for the cosmopolitan community while four seats will be shared among the youth, people with disability, elderly people and women.
The secretary cautioned people going round listing party members and promising to facilitate them to attend the conference.
“Please take note that we do not have any other delegate’s list except the one of those who took part in the delegates election in Kajiado in August 2012 during delegates’ election in Kajiado,” Roimen said.
“As per the party structure and policy, everything should go on well as planned. For us to win the next general election, we must be seen to be structured at every level and to follow our party policy,” Roimen added.

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