Tips to ensure you’re always stylish

By Rosemil Oduor

Taking care of our dressing is just as important as taking care of the skin.  Dressing in a stylish way is a skill that seems almost impossible to master yet it’s a simple thing. These tips can help:

Many have always mistaken fashion for clothes only.

 Wear clothes that fit. This is the biggest secret to looking smart. When buying clothes, fit them on to ensure the cloth is your size. You can also opt for hire a tailor who will take your measurements and ensure the tailored cloth fits you well.

 Know the dress code of where you’re going and dress accordingly.

Wash, dry and iron your cloth. Iron your clothes to remove the wrinkles.  Ironing clothes makes them look smarter so you’ll definitely look good in them.

If you’re a lady, bear in mind the type of undergarments you wear. Having a loosely fitting brassiere or one that makes strips ruins the appearance of even the most stylish dresses.

Wear neutrals. This is mostly for professional office dress code.

Keep minimal accessories that match your dressing. Do not overdo!

 Shop exactly for what you want. Do not just pick any cloth to fill your wardrobe when you know you might not put on the piece of clothing again.

 Consider the quality of your materials. Good materials make one feel good and look rich as compared to cheap fabric.

Find a personal style. Experiment with different types of clothing until you find what suits you well and stick with it. Remember what looks good on another might not look good on you.

Be confident in your style.

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