Tanzania conmen using children with disability to beg

Nominated MCA Josephine Sharrar dancing with MP Isaac Mwaura during groundbreaking of disability centre in Osupuko Kajiado West .Photo File

By Roy Hezron

Concern has been raised over the increased number of conmen who enrich themselves by using children living with disability to beg on the streets.

Speaking during this year’s celebrations of International Day of Persons with Disability at William Ole Ntimama Stadium, Narok North Deputy County Commissioner Mutuku Mwenga said most of those involved in the rogue business are from Tanzania.

Mwenga said they take advantage of the philanthropic nature of Kenyans to benefit themselves.

“These conmen station the children in strategic places like the road heading to government offices where they collect a lot of money from good Samaritans,” said Mwenga.

Mwenga directed the children office to work closely with the coordinator of Persons Living with Disabilities to get rid of those doing business with such children.

He asked those living with disabilities to register with the office of social services in order to benefit from government cash transfer funds allocated to this group.

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