Stop ethnic based groupings in Kajiado: Mositet urges politicians

By Our Reporter

Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority chair former Kajiado County senator Peter Mositet has cautioned aspirants holding ethnic based groupings in Kajiado County.

Mositet who spoke with County Press said the tribal groupings will divide the region which enjoys peaceful coexistence.

The politician who is vying for MP in Kajiado North said politicians have divided the county through their sponsored meetings seeking endorsement.

“If you want to meet Kisiis or Kikuyus to be endorsed hold meetings in Central or Kisii, Kajiado is a cosmopolitan region,” he said.

He pointed out that the tribal meetings especially in cosmopolitan regions such as Kajiado North and East is a threat to unity and should be controlled.

 Leaders should disrupt the tribalistic mindset and address development issues, the residents enjoy same resources, there are no projects implemented for a particular community.

He also cautioned community associations such as the Mount Kenya Foundation and Kikuyu Council of Elders of endorsing anyone in county level and urged them to focus in National politics.

Several leaders have been holding ethnic meetings seeking endorsement from the communities’ leaders, some of the meetings are directly financed by the politicians to be endorsed.

Kenyan politics has been characterized by ethnic tensions since independence in 1963 in 2007 disputed national elections, tribal chaos left more than 1,200 people dead and thousands of others internally displaced, most of the internally displaced moved to Kajiado County which enjoys peaceful coexistence.

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