Presidential candidates warned against imposing leaders to Kajiado electorates

By Abdi Hussein

A section of Kajiado county leaders and electorates have warned top presidential candidates against imposing leaders on them saying the move amounts to dictatorship and infringement of voter’s rights.

Nine months towards the general election,different political parties presidential hopefuls have been criss crossing the vast  county wooing the maasai voters.political realignments are at high gear especially under Azimio la Umoja Initiative  fronted by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto’s  United Democratic Alliance(UDA).One Kenya Alliance(OKA)not forgetting small parties including TSP party have also pitched tents in Kajiado recently.

However, some presidential hopefuls have been endorsing their party grassroot pointmen  for various political parties in what is referred as a “line up” while others are rooting for negotiated  democracy to the chagrin of electorates.

Now, a section of leaders and electorates have come out gun blazing condemning candidates’ endorsement by the political class terming it election process mockery.

The Exit of long-serving Kajiado South MP Katoo Ole Metito , Kajiado East Peris Tobiko and Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje for higher positions has complicated the matter in the three constituencies with succession politics taking centre stage.

Local leaders want political parties’ democracy and fair nominations to prevail to allow electorates to decide on their leaders in polls.

Speaking in Kajiado South Olng’osua, Imbirikani ward recently   in a major political rally organised by Irkipony ageset aspirants eyeing various posts on different parties backed by elders declared not to allow external forces impose some candidates to electorates saying political party euphoria might not help candidates waiting to be endorsed.

They want presidential candidates to stay out of county politics to stop creating uncalled animosity among politicians.

“The presidential candidates must let the people decide. We know our grassroots challenges and also know the leaders who can articulate our issues. Some politicians are seeking for endorsement by party leaders.That is dictatorship,” said Samuel Parashina who has been endorsed by his Irkipony ageset to succeed Mr Katoo.

Some leaders are rooting for governorship to be a preserve of the native Maasai community through consensus involving electorates and all leaders in the cosmopolitan county.

Kajiado deputy governor Martin Moshisho urged National leaders not to influence positions for their friends at county level but let electorates vote their preferred candidates.

“We have realized the emergence of highway politicians (politicians who only campaign along highway towns) seeking endorsement of party leaders. We want democracy and fair play ground for all leaders.Let the party leaders work with the person chosen by the electorates,” said Moshisho.

Currently leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are embroiled  in a cutthroat  battle for political heavy weights in Kajiado constituencies.

Sucked into this supremacy antics are aspirants for various parliamentary seats who are eyeing to fly the flag of the either UDA or that of the forthcoming Coalition between Jubilee and ODM leaving the party leaders gasping for breath.

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