Politicians told to tone down on political rhetoric and implement manifestos

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado County politicians have been urged to tone down on politics and start implementing what they promised electorates.

Kajiado County businessman Anthony Keen said the politicians will be required to identify what they have done to be re-elected. He said those in leadership should stop 2022 politics which he said is slowing down development.

Speaking in Kilonito Village near Mile 46 in Kajiado West Constituency after distributing food and water to locals on Wednesday, Keen said the electorates are now knowledgeable on leadership and will demand for track records from those they elected.

Businessman Anthony Keen addresses residents of Kilonito Village near Mile 46 in Kajiado West Constituency before donating food on Wednesday. Photo Obegi Malack

Global Worship Centre, Kiserian Bishop Moses Turere challenged the governments to upgrade impassable roads in the region which have been abandoned for long, he has been donating motorbikes to pastors in the area due to poor roads.

A resident James Simel demanded the Kajiado county government to connect water to the area and drill more boreholes for locals to depend for themselves.

The pipes that had been connected to supply water in the constituency broke down and are yet to be repaired.

Locals are yet to recover from the drought that had hit the area; the leaders have been donating food and water to locals affected by the drought.

They are yet to receive the donations that the national government had promised three months ago.

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