Police launch manhunt for father who married off underage girl

By Ben Leshau

Police have launched a manhunt for three people who were involved in an incident where a 12 year old standard six girl was married off to two men in a span of one month at Maji Moto, Narok County.

Area Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu told County Press that the sub-county security agency has formed a ‘special squad’ to hunt for the three suspects behind the oppression of the minor.

The girl’s father and the two men who she was married to are being sought for the crime of marrying an under-age girl.

The minor was forcefully married to a 51 year-old man by her father where she fled then later eloped with a 35 year old man before she was rescued by local authorities and Samaritans.

“We have formed a team comprising of the DCI,Kenya Police,Children’s office and local administrator to pursue the three suspects,”said Kisalu.

Police have also summoned relatives of the girl- where she was staying before being married off to explain circumstances at which the minor was forced into early marriage against the law.

Kisalu also said after the story was first highlighted by media in July 15 the girl received full education scholarship from some Kenyans in diaspora.

“We have placed the girl at House of Hope Childrens’ home in the outskirts of Narok and will assist us in identifying the culprits as she prepares to go back to school next year,” he explained.

While narrating her story, the girl told Journalists that her abusive father wanted to marry her off at first when the schools closed but she escaped to a relative’s home in the neighborhood but last week he pursued her and forced her to marry the 51 year old.

She said she had to run away and since she could not go back home or to the relatives, she chose to get ‘married’ to a 35 year old man who she said was ‘better’.

Narok County Peace Ambassador Joshua Kaputa and area Chief Rimoine Maiyone managed to rescue the girl following concern by some locals.

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