Organic farmers laud CBC, say it will contribute to food security

By Obegi Malack                     

Organic farmers have commended the National Government for the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) which they say will contribute to food security and environmental conservation.

Esther Kagai founder Community Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environment (CSHEP) said she is confident agriculture will be taken seriously in the CBC.

The organic farmers trainer who was speaking in Kiserian Muguma Training Centre during World Food Day which is marked yearly on every 16th October, she noted that the students will support the community in using available resources in supporting organic farming.

“CBC does not encourage fertilizer and the students are encouraged to use manure,” she said. She encouraged parents to encourage children to start garden farming in their homes

She noted that garden organic farming will improve food productivity in the country besides improving health of the community.

Ngong Organic Farmers association chairperson Peter Melonyie said: “ Organic farming does not need big land but small places even a house balcony can be turned to organic gardens.”

Dr Silke Stoeber senior scientist Centre for Rural Development (SLE), who was the guest speaker, said farming is part of everyone’s life and everyone must make use of the space they have to put up small farms.

She is among partners together with CSHEP farmers who contributed to production of a book on organic farming titled: ‘Production and Marketing of African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables’ which was launched during the event.

Stoeber said the book talks about how to produce, treat diseases, harvest, market and how to keep farm records. The scientist is working with Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany that had partnered with Kenyan Universities Egerton and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The attendees who included Nakeel Boys High School students were taken through organic farming and also sampled different foods and vegetables from organic farms and also herbal medicine.

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