Ongata Rongai not safe as daytime robbers terrorize residents

By Obegi Malack


Ongata Rongai residents are living in fear after a surge in day time robbery incidents in the town.

The latest case was reported on 24th March 2019 when robbers using a red car with suspected fake number plates raided a flat along Charlie close next to Reeds hotel in Laiser Hill Location and stole electronic goods. A search of the number plate indicated it does not exist.

Rose Jonathan whose house was raided has resorted to social media to call for help in identifying the suspected criminals. She said they stole her electronic goods. The incident was reported in Ongata Rongai police station under OB number OB 55 /24/03/2019.

The robbery incident was recorded by  a resident (name withheld) and shared on social media . This led to several victims of the robbery coming out to record their  cases on how the robbers have been terrorizing them.

Nancie Elombe said robbers broke into her house when she was inside and after breaking the  padlock , they however escaped after finding out she was in the house.

Octavia Dikirr said a similar incident happened at their estate last year when they raised the alarm, the robbers dropped a gas cylinder but drove off with a TV set.

This is not the first time the robbers are raiding homes in Laiser Hill. Early this year they also stole a television set and other electronic good in broad daylight from a house when the occupants had taken their children to school.

According to sources, the break-ins are well co-ordinated as thugs are aware who has left the house and at what time, they will be returning. They  survey before raiding and  usually target homes which have no house helps when the occupants have gone to work or to church.

Several such incidents have also been reported in Kitengela. Residents want landlords to install CCTVs in their premises to prevent such incidents.

The Sunday incident happened after launch of Ongata Rongai Nyumba Kumi Initiative by Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje in Laiser Hill a week ago. The MP said he will continue supporting the initiatives to improve security in the region.

Most tenants in Rongai are more concerned over their privacy and they do not seem to care about their neighbors a situation, thus fueling break-ins.

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2 thoughts on “Ongata Rongai not safe as daytime robbers terrorize residents

  1. They’re using gunny bags to conceal what they have stolen. Security Officers should be opening every gunny bags they get from chokora boys.

  2. Hi,the same people the,same car,the same day around 11am came to my apartments near Joan academy in Matasia and broke the house of one of my tenant.They stole home theater and a personal computer.They first off all told children who praying around to move away but children didnt bother untill when they saw them carrying radio speaker.One of the child ran up stairs and called his mother to see.Mother shouted in a lound voice ” what is going on there!”hearing that they ran away.Their days are numbered.

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