Oloolua forest turned to a dumping site

Oloolua Community Forest Association members cleaning, garbage is illegally dumped in the forest. Photo Obegi Malack

By Obegi Malack  

Oloolua Forest in Kajiado North Sub County has now been turned to a dumping site by garbage collectors.

The illegal dumping has seen environmentalists come out to hold clean up exercises every after two weeks to protect the forest from degradation.

The environmentalists led by Oloolua Community Forest Association official Christopher Mureithi said the illegal dumping tendency which has serious impacts on wildlife and habitat is on the rise and has to be stopped.

Mureithi said the National Government and County Government of Kajiado have turned a blind eye on what is happening in the forest, there are no environment enforcers to stop the illegal dumping and the CFA officials are not empowered to protect the forest.

CFA member Cephastian Karanja said the illegal dumping is done by garbage lorries that use the route to access Ngong dumpsite.

Karanja now want the government to protect the forest by empowering the community by providing required resources.

Oloolua forest is also under threat from companies that are usually allowed to do quarrying, there is also encroachment, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) passes through the heart of the forest and has now put it at the brink of deforestation.

The forest covers 618 hectares and is full of indigenous trees. It provides a habitat to a variety of wildlife including antelopes and other mammals such as hyena and the occasional leopards.

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