OCS asks residents for support in dealing with crime

By Kevin Odera

Ongata Rongai Police Station OCS Matthew Masaga has called on residents of Ongata Rongai to help him out in reducing crime rate.

The OCS who was speaking in his office on Tuesday said that the rate of crime within Ongata Rongai has increased with many residents being stolen from in the wee hours and late at night.

He said that many idle youth form gangs and steal from residents either early in the morning or late at night when they are leaving night clubs.

“The youth tend to steal from individuals who leave night clubs late in the night,” he said.

However, he stated that most of the residents are responsible for the troubles that befall them. He said that most of them aren’t responsible and security cautious since they risk their lives by leaving the bars and clubs late at night and walk home instead of using motorcycles or vehicles.

The officer claims that this act exposes them to attacks directly from the robbers who steal from them and beat them up.

“I wonder why an individual can spend Ksh 10,000 on alcohol and fail to save Ksh 100 for transport. Most of the residents are being attacked and stolen from because they leave clubs late at night and walk home putting their lives at risk instead of using motorcycles or vehicles,” he said.

He urged the residents to be security cautious in order to avoid being attacked and stolen from by robbers.

“I request the residents to show up for the parading session of the arrested suspects so that they can identify and confirm if they are the individuals who have been stealing from them. I believe if they show up for the parade session, we will be in a position to jail the culprits and enhance security levels in Ongata Rongai,” said Masaga.

Masaga also requested the residents to show up at the station for the parading session of suspects who were arrested in order to identify the culprits who have been stealing from them.

This comes after indivuduals arrested and are suspected of stealing from the residents in the wee hours.

The OCS also held a meeting with Magadi zone Online Drivers at The 4 Tee’s Hotel, he urged the drivers to work with police to reduce cases of crime in the town.

Masaga said the drivers should report insecurity case immediately for police to take action. Crime rate in the town will reduce if drivers including riders work with police.

The Magadi Road online drivers chair Julius Nyambok said they are ready to support police in dealing with criminals , he said working with the security authorities is the only way to ensure Rongai is a crime free zone. The drivers have also been calling on the Apps bosses to increase their security by demanding customers to provide more details when registering for the online Apps.

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