Namanga residents decry poor state of roads

Namanga town.

By Our Reporter

Namanga town residents have protested over the poor road network that has impacted transport and cross border trade.

The town along the Kenya-Tanzania border has the One Stop Border Point (OSBP) that plays a pivotal role in processing cargo to and from Kenya and  her East and Central Africa neighbouring countries.

However,the town is alarmingly losing its former glory owing to poor infrastructure for some time now.The town has only a single tarmacked road heading to immigration offices and on transit trucks parking.

Residents,who mostly comprise traders ,say bad road networks have caused them untold suffering despite reaching out to various government agencies.

A spot check indicates town service roads are characterized by large pot holes currently filled by flood water.

Public service vehicles have begun pulling away  from the route despite relatively  increasing the fare to cover for vehicle repairs.

“Both the National and County Government has neglected the town infrastructure to the chagrin of residents.The reader roads are messy and impassable during rainy seasons.A border town ought to be given a priority by the government.”Said Jeremiah Mnyapara,trader.

Namanga-Amboseli  road  bypassing agricultural lands is impassable leaving farmers counting big losses.Milk farmers are hardest hit.

Namanga Dairy chairman Mr Jonathan Kimengich said most farmers are unable to access milk collection centres incurring  large losses.

The road is a nightmare during the rainy season with locals being cut off from the town.

“Our daily milk collection has declined.Poor road networks continue to cripple our farmers.Let the County government intervene for its people,”Said Mr Kimengich.

Also,residents take issue with flash floods that flow to Kenya from Tanzania, forming  a temporary river during the rainy season that sweeps across business premises destroying goods.

A trail of destruction left by flash foods are visible with traders left with economic scars but maintain they have no option but persevere.

They want the relevant authorities to improve infrastructure to enable them to tap more from cross border trade.

The congested town does not have a sewer line complicating sewer management in the town regarded as East Africa gateway.

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