Nalepo PEFA Church Fund to aid 120 needy students

By Philip Tianda

Over 120 needy students from secondary and colleges will benefit from Nalepo PEFA Church bursary Fund Drive this year, the Charity organization Director Missionary Felix Nkaru has said.
Nkaru said the organisation now seeks to award more students in Bissil and Lorgusua in future with increased funding from local leadership and the community.
The Missionary said the fund-drive initiative that only caters for bright but needy students from poor backgrounds in secondary schools and colleges was born out of the need to assist disadvantaged families who fail to take children to school due to lack of school fees in the Entire Maasai Land.
It was mooted four years ago. “We support bright but needy students who are disadvantaged, disabled and orphans mostly in secondary schools but also those who want to join colleges,” said Nkaru.
The Fund-drive director was speaking in their final Fundraiser in this year held at Lorgusua which was attended by county leadership led by deputy governor Martin Moshisho.
During the fundraiser, over Sh1 million was realised and will be distributed to the parents of the needy students.
The fund-driver was started in 2015, where a total of 70 students benefited the same year and the number of beneficiaries increased to 100 plus students in 2017.
Speaking during function that was attended by hundreds of locals, the deputy Governor Martin Moshisho applauded the founder of the bursary saying everyone is a leader in their own way.
He said Missionary Nkaru has shown a good example to other leaders.
He assured the bursary drive-committee that the county government will support them in the future saying supporting education is the best aspect to empower the community.
In the list of guests who had sent their contributions was Governor Joseph ole Lenku, who did not attended but sent a contribution of Sh300,000 while his deputy gave 100,000.
Speaker after speaker applauded the fund drive-director for his selfless efforts to ensure even the poorest families access education especially after the 2016-2017 severe droughts.
Munei Leseyioa committee chair for the fund drive, called on the well-wishers to support their organisation saying bursaries from the CDF office and the county government will not be enough to all students across the county.

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