Muslims hail Supkem for appointing ole Naado as Chair

By Ben Leshau

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) officials in Narok County have welcomed the appointment of ‘home boy’ Hassan ole Naado to replace the chairman Yusuf Nzibo who was ousted over corruption allegations.

Naado who hails from Transmara in Narok County has been serving as Nzibo’s Deputy and will now take over the chairmanship on an acting capacity.

The Narok Muslims led by SUPKEM Chairman Yasser Mohammed, Youth Rep Hussein Ahmed and Transmara’s Chair Omar Buko lauded Supkem for having confidence in ole Naado and affirming that he was a man of integrity.

“There have been lots of complaints on the spending of Hajj funds and allocation of tickets meant for poor Muslims for sometimes now,” said Mohammed.

They said eyes are on ole Naado who is a son of Narok and will support his leadership and with hope that he will deal with graft in the council,”

The SUPKEM officials also hailed ole Naado as a pro-youth leader and asked him to ensure that the poor Muslims in the country get their rights in terms of scholarships for their needy children as well as tickets to the Mecca pilgrimage.

They claimed that blatant corruption at the council had disadvantaged the majority poor Muslims as some crooked officials embezzled the funds and donations meant to uplift the lives of the downtrodden.

Hussein the  branch youth leader asked Naado to engage the government to help Muslim youth easily get national identity cards, which has been an headache to them over the years.

“Anytime Kenyan Muslim youth who have attained the age of 18 attempts to get an ID at government offices they are stereotyped,  profiled and taken  through unending bureaucracies,”said Mr Hussein.

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