MP Sankok: I have retired from politics, will focus on my businesses

By Our Reporter

Nominated MP David Sankok has sad is not ready for any politician office in the next government.

The MP who was speaking in a radio interview said he will now concentrate on private matters.

“I need to focus on my businesses because I started engaging in the advocacy of people with disabilities at a very early age, so I never had space to develop myself and that is what it is,” he said.
Sankok will however keep on advocating for issues affecting people with disabilities.

The politician who supports Deputy President William Ruto says he never gives money freely to people. “Politics in Kenya is very hard. It is a very tough game where everyone thinks you are their property,” he said.

Another politician from Narok County who will not be vying in August polls is Narok County Woman Representative Soipan Tuya.

“It is a lifetime honour! Being an Affirmative Action position and 10 years office, I believe it’s time for the next Narok woman to build her leadership and political muscle through this position,” she said in a statement on Facebook.

Tuya has served two terms as Narok woman representative, she abandoned her quest for the Narok governor’s seat after raising hopes among women that she would become the first Maasai woman to be a governor.

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