Moshisho ganged by Lenku’s critics, tells Tobiko gender won’t give her governor post

By Obegi Malack


A burial ceremony in Oloosirkon Ward Kajiado East Constituency of Margaret Wambui wife to veteran politician Marias ole Pakini was turned to apolitical battleground by Kajiado politicians.

The leaders who attended the service had said Pakini had given them a go ahead to talk politics in his wife’s funeral.

The politicians who were mostly opponents of Governor Joseph ole Lenku turned the service to a venue to poke holes in Lenku’s leadership.

The leaders ganged up against Lenku’s administration, directing their frustrations to  Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho they were complaining about what they called “bad governance” by governor Lenku.

Area MCA Francis Kaesha said the governor has taken up his(Kaesha) role of distributing bursary funds to needy students, he said Lenku took the role because he has been attending MP Peris Tobiko’s meetings.

“He does not pick my calls, I have never fought with the governor am sending you Moshisho to ask him, he is my governor and Tobiko is my MP , is sending  people to give bursaries instead of using my office ” frustrated Kaesha said. The MCA said the governor has failed to fulfill his promises of fixing roads in the  Ward.

Tobiko said the time is now for a woman to takeover as governor since they have already tested two male governors, her sentiments were shared by her former rival nominated senator Mary Seneta.

The MP  noted that  the governor has failed to fix pathetic roads in the region after receiving more than ksh 10 billion from National Treasury.

Former Governor David Nkedianye said Lenku’s government is getting double allocation of what he used to receive and should put it to use since “they are watching.”

The DG told off Lenku’s critics for playing politics he told  Tobiko elections will not be decided on gender lines but development records.

Moshisho said the county murramed the ward roads and tarmacked many more in other regions, he said the leaders should also be thankful for other projects the county has already implemented.

“There was no World Bank in the past regime, we should thank the governor World Bank is not from heaven and the roads here were tarmacked and the leaders would have asked for more allocations to fix them than playing politics,” he said.His World Bank sentiments were in response to mourners who had told him WB funded tarmacking of roads.

Former Senator Peter Mositet said the elected leaders should allow freedom of expression since all leaders represent the electorates.

Politician Tarayia ole Kores who read former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s condolence message said the governor is punishing electorates by not allowing their MCAs to perform their roles.

“The money does not belong to Lenku but to taxpayers,” he said. He urged the county government leadership to do away with proposals of land rates for freehold titles sentiments shared by MCAs Onesmus Ngogoyo, Mwathi Pere and Yvonne Tonkei who attended the funeral.

The ceremony was also attended by MCAs  Margret Mbote,Lucy Mathenge, ODM politicians Innocent Katoo, George Mocheche, Samson Moindi among others.


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