Ministry spells out Form One selection criteria

Oloolaiser National school Principal James Mungai ( c) with parents and school staff enrolling form one students in 2019, the school had a mean score of 8.013 in KCSE 2020 .Photo /Obegi Malack

By Our Reporter

The of Ministry of Education has announced that it will commence form one selection based on schools the candidates chose before Covid plague struck last year.  

The selection panel  will consider school choice, performance, affirmative action, availability of space and quota system. They will rely on the list of choices the students made before March last year.

The list has for four national schools which are divided into four clusters, of which the third cluster includes the original 17 national schools and the   jonnie-come-lately national schools that came with the advent of devolution in 2014. The 103 national schools will have an intake 30,000 students, of which the choice of 5 top students from each sub county will be respected.

The second category are the extra county schools with such giant killers like Precious Blood among others.There are 5,331 of these semi national schools which host 123, 399 students who mainly scoop between 300 and 399 marks out of a total 500marks. Out of the two extra county choices the candidates are expected to have a choice out of the home county.

Then there are 1,032 county secondary schools which have enrolment of 142, 358 students 20 per cent of which came from the host sub county and 80 percent from host county. And lastly comes the whopping 73,325 sub county schools which are mostly day. Just like their large number they have the capacity to host 685, 590 students.

Speaking at Joseph Kengethe primary school in Nairobi, while announcing  the postponement of May 28th form one selection  Education, CS Prof George Magoha said it was uncalled  for, for parents  to a smuggle a student with 260 marks to Alliance High School since, coping  with those who  scored higher marks could be a tall order.

In reverse argument others have said lumping the 299,667 who have obtained between 100-and 199 in sub county schools could be academically dangerous. However, this is impossible, given that county schools have a capacity for 142, 358 students and since 589, 029 candidates obtained between 200 and 299 marks their  trickling down to effect learning in sub count school can’t be ruled out.

Neither can one rule out that those obtaining between 200and 299 will not join top schools that is the original 17 national secondary schools despite the warning from the Education CS.

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