Mau water tower belongs to God, destroy it at your own peril

By B.W.Young Natembeya and Kiptanui Rutto

Has anyone ever thought or visualized the future of mankind in the absence of our treasured forest and vital God-given Mau water catchment area?
The impact its loss would have is huge, not only in Kenya or our neighbouring countries but along the rivers and tributaries that benefit from the Mau forest water catchment i.e. including the Mara, the Nile river, Lake Victoria and others. Destruction of the Mau forest is actually creating a man made future desert and history will judge us harshly if the present leaders watch as we slide into annihilation simply for not having protected the forest.
President Uhuru Kenyattaโ€™s legacy should also be the protection of water towers including the Mau forest for the benefit of future generations. It may be bitter now but in future people will see the benefit of evicting people from the Mau catchment area. Save our ecosystem by protecting the Mau Forest.
The rainfall patterns have also changed. Seasons are not as predictable as before, farmers can no longer plan their cultivation of their farms due to change of climate. Rivers are drying up, Maasai and other communities are losing their cattle to drought as vegetation dry up leaving the land scorched. All this is as a result of destroying the Mau forest.
The Kenya Government is now more focused in protecting the environment than ever before. It is now upon politicians to teach the public the benefits of the Mau forest catchment areas other than inciting them. The educated are also enlightened by experts in the field they are well versed in.
Be on the side of the future generations so your name will go down in history as one of the people that protected the Mau forest.
Do not destroy the future generation; do something that will make you to be remembered as being in the frontline in protecting the Mau Forest.

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