Mau Mau veterans seek support

By Our Reporter

Mau Mau freedom fighters have called on the National Government to provide them with medical cover.
The Mau Mau War Veterans Association members made the call during a meeting in Kajiado Central.
“Most of us were victims of the British colonizers,” said the group’s Secretary General Gitu wa Kahengeri. He said most of the veterans are suffering and the Government should support them since they suffered a lot fighting for Kenya’s independence.
He called on all former Kajiado Mau Mau fighters to join the association to fight for their recognition. There are more than 300 Mau Mau fighters in the county. The Kajiado meeting was attended by fighters from the county.
The Kajiado North group was led by Kiarie Mageuzi, the group is known for entertaining guests during national celebrations and has not been supported by the Goverment.
The group had won a case with the British Government and some of them who participated in the case were compensated with a total Sh2.6 billion, and each received Sh340,000, which they say was too little. Only 2,228 were paid yet there are more than 40,000 Mau Mau fighters in the country.
The Mau Mau War Veterans’ Association was formed afterformer President Mwai Kibaki lifted the law that banned the Mau Mau in 2003.

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