Mashuuru farmer mints millions from tomatoes

By Kurgat Marindany
He is a former teacher, a human rights activist, a politician, a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Community Liaison Officer in Sultan Hamud and farmer, to boot, in Mashuuru, South East of Kajiado Town.
When David Ole Nchariis not poking holes in Governor David Nkedianye administration at the county level, he is busy with community issues along the SGR in Sultan Hamud.
From his five-acre farm in Arroi, Nchari harvests hundreds of tomato crates which he transports directly to markets in Nairobi and Sultan Hamud.
Owing to his activism ,Nchari was able to convince Ewuaso Nyiro Development to construct a community dam on his land.
He says while some members of the community use the facility to water their livestock, he uses his portion to irrigate his five acre farm.
“During peak season, I harvest 80 to 120 crates of tomatoes from this small portion of land per week. A crate of tomatoes go forSh4,000 in Nairobi,” he disclosed. With a good harvest season, Nchari makes a cleanSh480,000 in profits per week.
He invests what he makes in profits on the purchaseof goats during dry season and buys up to 200goats and fatten them before selling at the local marketin Mashuuru or Sultan Hamud.
He says during drought, he buys a goat at Sh2,000and sells them after fattening at between Sh7,000and Sh8,000. That is a cool profit of Sh5 and 6,000 respectfully. While most people would like to do serious farming in Arroi and aroundMashuuru town, they are discouraged by the condition of the roads.
Business people are afraid of the bad terrain and the state of roads and therefore will prefer to travel to Loitokitok in search of the same product because of good roads. The road from Sultan Hamud to Mashuuru is inpathetic state and can only be passable during dry season. The number of galleys can scare off motorists.
A bridge linking Kajiado and Mashuuru collapsed in 2014 and it has remained so for all that period.
Travelling from Mashuuru to Bulls Eye near Bissil can be torturous to drivers. That was the only route which had remained passable for the last three years but has now turned ugly due to last year’s heavy rains.

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