Mashuuru DCC differs with youth over land issues

By Our Reporter
Ma s h u u r u
Deputy Comm
i s s i o n e r,
Stephen Nyakundi
recently said all the
bona fide members of
Imaroro/Emarti Group
Ranch will be issued
with title deeds.
Nyakundi, however,
that only the original
members and not their
daughters, sons or
grandchildren will be
recognized in the issuance
of the titles.
He also added that
in the event that male
owners of the farms
will have passed on,
their spouses would
be considered for title
The DCC was
speaking in Mashuuru
when he said already
he had instructed chiefs
to invite all members
to a meeting.
“Non-members or
children of members
will not be allowed in
the meeting to be held
soon. If you dare we
shall use force to eject
you,” warned Nyakundi.
Peter Lesiit, a local
youth leader said
Nyakundi was using
oppressive language
against the children of
group ranches owners,
adding that most members
died many years
back along with their

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