Loitokitok farmers incur losses as elephants destroy crops

By Michael Opiyo

Farmers in Loitokitok Region and some part of Amboseli raised alarm to the current rampant of destruction of crops by elephants.

The farmers are appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Services to  drive the marauding elephants form their farm.

At Emaue, AIC- Amboseli residents said they have for many years incurred losses.

According to the Director Kim Dong Hee, this year was worse as the entire 10 acres of crops was destroyed. School pupils are as a result facing food shortage.

“School pupils currently faced challenges of food shortage after their farm was invaded by elephants,” Kim narrated adding that the school practice farming to minimize the expenditure.

The pupils mostly come from vulnerable families and orphans who are are fully sponsored by Korean Government through Korea International Cooperation Agency – KOICA led by Kim Dong Hee to promote education in the Maasai Land.

They have also empowered women on agribusiness, horticulture, table banking and free adult education that has improved the lifestyle of the community at large.

Let’s the department concerned act immediately to prevent further destruction of crops. None the less, wildlife is a threat to the pupils life as they are in school with fear that any time they can be attacked.
Residents of Rombo, Kimana, Ngatataek and Loitokitok have also complained about elephants invading. their farms.

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