Kipsigis elders curse Coronavirus

By Bell Pere

A council of Kipsigis elders has pronounced a curse on the Coronavirus, citing it as a ‘plague’ that will be trounced by prayers and cries of elders and leaders.

According to Christopher Bore, vice Chair of Myoot Kalenjin Council of Elders, Coronavirus pandemic will be conquered through a series of rituals performed by the council.

The rituals consisted prayers conducted by a number of Kalenjin community and political leaders from Narok South and West, including those from Melolo and Sogoo wards.

The leaders began the event by silently walking to Ndong’ur River in Melelo Ward where locals had also convened to witness the rare rituals.

One local elder then broke small sticks into 30,  metre long,  pieces and gave those performing the ritual a piece each. Later they infused indigenous prayers where calls were responded by curses to the virus.

An elder later firmly held a flywhisk, led a long prayer as he called on spirits of the land to intervene and keep other evils at bay.
This was soon followed by Christian prayers where they called on God to intervene over the virus too, as everyone lifted up their hands just like during an alter call in churches.

Mr Bore said that according to his community customs and beliefs when such plagues would wreak havoc in the past, elders would come together and perform similar ritual.

Philip Kositany the council’s Co-ordinator said that the rituals also consisted of condemning the diseases to eternal damnation where it would be judged on Judgment day for claiming the lives of so many innocents.

Kositany recalled that in 1986 a comet was spotted across the sky which symbolized bloodshed and was immediately cursed by elders and the evil was not witnessed by the community.

He exonerated women from blame during the prayers, which is uncommon with most communities and said they were key during the rituals as they symbolized life continuity.

The community leaders asked that the nation and the world all together should come together and pray in faithfulness that the disease should be conquered.

Philemon Aruasa host and Member of County Assembly emphasized the need for all members of the society and the public to adhere to government measures and directives in order to contain the now rampant spread of COVID-19.

The event later ended with a message that the pandemic was finally cursed and symbolically washed away awaiting God’s wrath.

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