Kimuka residents demand county govt to repossess grabbed public land

By Our reporter

Kajiado West constituency, Kimuka centre community are calling on the County Government of Kajiado to repossess public land illegally allocated to individuals in the centre.

The community alleged that few individuals who were entrusted to oversee validation of plots in the centre illegally allocated plots meant for public utilities to individuals.

The residents said they were not involved in what they said was “grabbing of plots” set aside for public utilities.

Village elder Noah Tinayia said he was in the committee that was involved in the validation exercise and they did not allocate public utilities to any individual, he said the process was done later without his knowledge and the community. He noted that the land beacons were erected at night.

Tinayia said 31 plots (3 hectares) meant for public utilities were allocated to few individuals, some are now planning to sell them out to unsuspecting buyers.

“The community is supporting repossessing of the plots, even some community members who were given illegally want to surrender them back,” he said.

The validation was done in 2020, and allotment letters issued later. The community says only 176 plots were validated but the new map which they said is interfered with indicated 205 plots.

The community had written a demand letter to the Kajiado County government secretary protesting that the process of repossession of the plots has taken too long.

In a community meeting held on 28th August 2021 attended by CEC Lands Hamilton ole Parseina , county surveyor Jonathan Oseur, National Lands Commission members ,area chief Amos Moniu and the community it was agreed:

The boundary of private plots and public land was to end where the county govt reached on validation day

All allotment letters of 31 plots beyond the boundary and validated after the actual validation exercise be revoked with immediate effect

The county government to provide machinery to establish clear boundary between private plots and public land. Only the public utilities to be spared in the allotment letters revocation.

The county government to come up with a comprehensive plan of Kimuka trading centre public and to incorporate all amenities that were listed and proposed to be in the parcel land.

Only public amenities to be spared in the allotment letters revocation, which are the chief’s office and dairy among others.

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