Keen donates more food as govt drags its feet in offering relief

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado County businessman Anthony Keen has offered more relief food to Kajiado County hunger victims.

The businessman accompanied by Global Worship Centre, Kiserian Bishop James Turere distributed food and water to starving residents of Enkoireroi, Ewaso Kedong Ward on Wednesday.

Keen said he will continue supplying food to the affected families since the governments seems not concerned about its citizens, he requested donors to offer water tanks so that he may supply water for free in the area.

Businessman Anthony Keen (r) gives water to a woman in Kajiado West Constituency on Wednesday. Photo Obegi Malack

The businessman had also offered relief food on Saturday to around 700 people in Kajiado West Sub County, Esonoorua centre. He had said part of Sh 2 billion budget for drought should be channeled to the county.

Bishop James Turere said his Centre had built water points in the area and has been supplying water to the locals, he said the government is not concerned about wellbeing of locals in the region since it collects little revenue.

“Every citizen needs services even if they contribute little, the water projects put up by late MP George Saitoti have broken down they do not even maintain them,” he said.

The residents demanded government to connect water to the area and drill more boreholes in order to depend for themselves

The government is yet to distribute food to county affected families even after approval of a total of Sh 2 billion three weeks ago to facilitate mitigation of the drought that has affected 13 counties.

Kajiado West residents who had turned up to receive relief food from businessman Anthony Keen, Global Worship Centre Bishop James Turere and other well-wishers donate food on Wednesday. Photo Obegi Malack.

Deputy President William Ruto had said the funds were to be channeled to the affected areas to compliment county governments in saving lives. The DP had acknowledged that  more than  one million people have been affected.

On Sunday Governor Joseph ole Lenku called on national government to come to aid of residents affected by the ongoing drought.

Lenku had attended a fundraising in Sholinke Emakoko ACK church in Kajiado East constituency with DP Ruto. He said 18 wards out of 25 have been affected.

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One thought on “Keen donates more food as govt drags its feet in offering relief

  1. Let me thanks the helping hand of bishop Turere Mr Keen for knowing the problem of the needy people.
    I just like to pass this massage to my able governer and also the wish wishers to dig more borehole for my community of Enkoireroi. Thanks

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