Keen challenges Musenke on education, gives bursaries

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado County businessman Anthony Keen has urged Musenke residents in Magadi ward to invest in education for better leadership.

Keen who presided over a fundraising for needy children under the Musenke Community Educational Fund on Thursday said the community will continue to remain behind in development and representation if they do not invest in education.

“When Tirishe asked those who have children in colleges to raise their hand, I saw very few people raising their hands, I got my Masters when I was 23 years our parents invested in education, we also want you to continue with that those who got educated are top leaders in the country,” he said. He said the national and county government should double bursaries to benefit more students.

Mosiro Ward MCA Peter Tirishe said more people are getting educated and the community has to catch up by also educating their children, he urged the residents to support each other and stop clan politics.

Magadi Ward, Musenke residents lineup to give money during education fundraising. Photo Obegi Malack

Kajiado west politician Jacob Gitau challenged the locals to only elect leaders who perform, he said MP George Sunkuyia should allocate more funds to improve development in the area. He said he has done too little and will again challenge him 2022; the politicians had vied for MP position in the constituency.

Jonathan Koroine defended Sunkuyia’s performance; he said he has allocated bursaries and upgraded schools in the region. The politician lost elections to Tirishe and had to be employed in Sunkuyia CDF office.

Local leaders Peter Parsaloi and John ole Meikoki thanked the leaders for their support and promised to seek for more support to ensure the regions top in education. The Musenke Community Based Organization is chaired by Ntoyia ole Kotikash and has been supporting the less fortunate more than sh 2 million was raised.

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