Keekonyokie: Former Chief wants land sub-division repeated

By Our Reporter

Former Keekonyokie chief Joseph ole Kusero  has claimed sub-division of Keekonyokie Farmers’ Co-operative Society 450 acres of land was marred by illegalities and irregularities.
Kusero wants the exercise repeated claiming the sub-division was done with a lot of secrecy without members’ knowledge and title deeds which were not part of the land issued. He said some members benefited more than others.
He was issued with a title deed registration KJD / Olchorro Onyore 27941, which he said was not part of the land as the land was under KJD Olchorro Onyore 245.
The owner had petitioned the land registry and the district surveyor indicating the land Kusero was allocated is not part of the society’s land. Kusero also claims there was sale of public land by the executive members which has been turned to private property.
Members have not been told the exact numbers of those who benefited, the size sold and the amount, the total expenditure and balance of money from the sale.
However the group chairman Motonka ole Nkoitiko denied all the allegations. He told County Press, the land allocated to Kusero belonged to the society. He termed the sub-division as free and fair, and those complaining should go to court.
Kusero had written to the County Lands Minister, Hamilton Parseina and the County Coordinator National Land Commission on June 16th 2018 requesting them to act on the matter.

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