KBC journalist shot dead as thugs terrorize Ngong, Rongai

KBC journalist Betty Barasa

By Our Reporter            

Residents of Kajiado North Sub County are living in fear due to an increase of insecurity cases in the area.

The latest incident is the killing of a KBC journalist, Betty Barasa who was on Wednesday night shot dead by suspected thugs at her home in Oloolua Ward, Kajiado North sub county.

According to family members, three thugs had waited for her at her gate at around 8.00pm before they stormed into her compound as the gate was being opened by her househelp

The robbers who were armed with AK-47 rifles held the deceased’s husband and three children hostage, demanding money and other valuables.

They took the journalist upstairs as the family begged them to spare them. They shot her twice in the head killing her at the spot before escaping with a laptop and mobile phones.

Another incident is the murder of a senior officer with the National Land Commission (NLC), veteran Machakos journalist Jennifer Itumbi Wambua whose body was found in Vet farm Oloolua Ward. She had disappeared from her work station in Nairobi.  

Oloolua Ward politicians Abner Nyakora  and Bob Barongo were also robbed at gunpoint on Gataka road . Two armed criminals on a motorbike ordered them out of their car and demanded they enter the car boot. They later demanded they surrender their phones and wallets which they did.

The two reported the matter to Ngong Police Station and hired a private investigator who indicated the phones signals are in Coast and Nairobi.

The residents claim a group of young thugs have been terrorizing them and appealed for police action.

 Area resident Grace Kamau said she was recently attacked by thugs who escaped with her phone in Kware area, Nkaimurunya Ward.

The armed thugs attack and injure victims who do not give in to their demands.

The young thugs who include girls protect each other by scaring eyewitnesses from raising the alarm.

Nkaimurunya Ward Soko Mjinga chairman James Gachie said several women have been attacked in morning hours when they go to pick merchandise.

Nyumba Kumi officials told a security public meeting in Rongai ward, that the thugs attack people from 10pm and in the early morning hours.

They take advantage of curfew to attack residents because most businesses do not operate 24 hours like they used to.

In Ngong Ward, Elpaso Road is among the most dangerous areas, where muggings happen even at day time and locals also want police to increase patrols in the area.

The new Rongai Police Station OCS Ezra Mworia said they are aware of the incidents and police have arrested some suspects.

Some were found with stolen electronic goods but the victims demand their items instead of leaving the law to take its course and use the items as exhibits.

“Bar businesses are too many and they may have a connection to insecurity,” he said, and urged residents to report incidents on time for police to increase patrols in the affected areas.

Complaints have also been raised over bhang smoking and immorality in Rongai town.

Abandoned buildings and bushes along Kandisi River are now bhang smoking zones.

Kajiado North District County Commissioner Patrick Mwangi said the locals should play an active role in reducing crime by reporting cases on time for action to be taken.

“The community should petition the county government to stop licensing many bars and also raise concern with landlords who accommodate unruly students who smoke bhang and involve themselves in immorality,” said the DCC.

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