Kajiado trains women cooperators on Cooperative Management

Women in Illoodokilani Ward in Kajiado West have benefited from a training programme on Cooperative Management held at Mile 46 and organized by the County Government of Kajiado.

The training was carried out by the County Department of Cooperatives to empower them and enable them to reap the benefits of working together.

Speaking during the training, CEC Member for Gender, Culture and Cooperatives Janet Sereu guaranteed the women a sense of ownership to ensure they achieve economic empowerment by promoting entrepreneurship, employment and increased income through agriculture and trade activities.

“Through the county’s efforts, there has been a notable rise in women participation in cooperatives as well as an increase in their membership across the county,” she said.

Sereu noted that his department has perfected this to ensure progress among cooperatives especially in rural areas through regular trainings and engagements.

She identified a shift in mindset on the traditional roles of women as a key determinant of increased participation.

“Due to cultural perceptions of women’s and men’s roles and the resulting division of labour, women cooperative members are expected to be responsible for home and family maintenance, while men own houses and manage all land issues,” said Sereu.

She added that through women-focused cooperatives, the county has enhanced and developed a level playing field, where women are recognized not just as mothers and wives but as equal members of the cooperative who can own homes, earn income and exercise their voices in decision-making.

Through these trainings, the county is striving to achieve a vibrant and dynamic cooperative movement to spur economic growth through mobilization of domestic savings.

By Obegi Malack

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