Kajiado, Rongai suspected thug masquerading as a woman arrested in Nairobi

Peter Momanyi who was arrested dressed as a woman, was accused of preparing to commit a felony in Langata.

By Our Reporter

Police have arrested two suspected thugs that are believed to be behind the robbing of people who jog along Langata and Mbagathi roads in Nairobi County.

The DCI arrested the two as they were preparing to commit a felony at Langata road.  They were identified as Peter Omweno Momanyi aged 24 who was arrested dressed as a woman alongside his accomplice John Muchiri Kimani aged 25.

According to police, the two were arrested after they defied police orders to stop, the police had noticed something amiss with the appearance of one of the suspects.

Peter Momanyi was arrested dressed as a woman alongside John Muchiri Kimani they were accused of preparing to commit a crime

The photos of the two were shared in DCI social media account who requested members of the public who have lost valuables to the two thugs to report to Langata Police Station for further Police action.

The two have now been identified as residents of Nkaimurunya Ward in Ongata Rongai town.

According to sources one of the suspects Momanyi, is well-known and pretends to be insane, he resides in Mayor Road 33. After the news went around that he was among a gang that has been terrorizing people angry residents burnt his polythene bags house where he has been staying.

The rate of crime in Ongata Rongai has been on the increase, a gang that includes young girls who pretend to seek shelter claiming they have been abused has taken over the town terrorizing innocent residents.

A month ago three thugs were arrested along Gataka road after they tried to break into a house the criminals were beaten up by residents and taken to Rongai police station.

Kware resident Erick Kamau said some of the thugs have motorbikes which they use to get away after committing crimes; they use bandanas to seal off number plates when they are in a robbery mission.

“They are mostly more than two in one motorbike and the number plates are sealed, they are dangerous gang, they are young boys,” he said.

People who have come face to face with the criminals said they steal and rape women after attacking them.

Residents now want police to increase patrol in the two wards Ongata Rongai and Nkaimurunya to stop the robbery cases and arrest the thugs.

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