Kajiado road contractor to redo work after protest by residents

By Obegi Malack                       

Olkeri Ward, Kiserian Primary Road contractor will be forced to re-excavate the road for tarmacking after a protest by locals.

Residents had accused the contractor of failing to do the work according to standards, they said the contractor had not removed cotton soil for tarmacking and were worried the road will start peeling off after completion.

The residents said they were not involved in monitoring the work and the county engineer had not provided them with bill of quantities.

The contractor, county engineer , Olkeri Ward representative Peter Gitau called for a meeting to listen to their grievances in the site.

The county engineer explained to the locals the process used by the contractor; he said the contractor was in the right path and work done will be evaluated before they continue but the protestors seemed not convinced they demanded the contractor to redo the work. He had called on the protestors to download the bill of quantities from the county government website.

Olkeri resident George Munene said the work done was shoddy and they will not allow such to continue. “This road connects Magadi Kiserian Ngong road and is used by heavy vehicles, if they continue with the work the road will be impassable in few months,” he said.

Clement Ngamau said he has lived in the area for long and was not involved, the way the contractor was doing the work is not up to set standards.

MCA Gitau differed with the county engineer on how the contractor was operating he said the excavation to remove the cotton soil must be done. The old committee that had been appointed to monitor the work was suspended with another committee appointed immediately.

Ngong Municipality manager George Kuubai said contractors must do their work as required by law.

The project is funded by the World Bank through the Ngong Municipality, the 1.4 km road will cost around sh 50 million, at the time of going to press the contractor had started excavating the cotton soil.

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