Kajiado politicians face off in former councilor’s memorial service

From right MP Joseph Manje( Kajiado North), Moses Kuria ( Gatundu South) and MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo during memorial service for former councilor the late Samuel Maina

By Obegi Malack


Memorial service for former Ongata Rongai councilor the late Samuel Maina was turned to a heated political meeting by leaders who had attended the function.

The meeting turned to “hustlers nation” versus “Kieleweke” meeting with the groups facing each other on a number of issues.

The church’s request for the politicians to tone down politics fall on deaf ears, the leaders exchanged words in front of the church leaders as their supporters cheered them on.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who represented Deputy President William Ruto in the event said the late Maina was a politician and the politicians have to talk politics.

Kuria said he has already read the BBI document and he will oppose its implementation, “The BBI proposes nomination of 180 leaders, I will oppose that since it is a burden to wananchi,” he said.

The MP told the former Kajiado County senator Peter Mositet to seek votes for the position is vying for rather than popularizing the BBI which he said has already been rejected by electorates.

Mositet had told the MP to let the people of Kajiado County decide for themselves if they will support or reject the BBI.

The former senator faced off with nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo who he accused of disrespecting elected leaders.

The former Olkeri Ward MCA said he had requested Ruto to support the family and he listed to him by sending Kuria to represent him, he said Mositet should reach out to Raila to also support the family.

Gubernatorial aspirant Tarayia ole Kores said the leaders should tone down on campaigns and wait for the right time to politic, he said leaders in power should be accorded respect they deserve. He cautioned his counterparts to be careful on how they are handling themselves.

“I am leading ousting of Lenku and we are five if we do not plan well he will fix us,” he said.

Former governor David Nkedianye said the ground has shifted and electorates are demanding for change in county top leadership.

Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho who represented governor Joseph Ole Lenku said the incumbent has done major projects and will be reelected.

The host MP Joseph Manje said he will print BBI documents for the electorates to read and decide for themselves.

The meeting was also attended by MCAs Mwathi Pere , James Waisha , Robert Sungura, Martin Kimemia, Peter Gitau , Lucy Wachuka, Violet Wahinya , Francis Meja, Moses Kinyanjui, senatorial aspirant Brian Sekento  among others. The late councilor will be buried on Friday in Nakuru County.

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