Kajiado:Multi-million shillings bridge collapses a week after launch by governor Lenku

By Obegi Malack                          

Abridge that was launched by governor Joseph ole Lenku last week has collapsed.

Paai bridge which is in Kajiado South collapsed on Thursday morning after heavy rains that caused flooding of Esenkei seasonal river according to locals.

The bridge which cost the county more than sh 100 million shillings was to serve Kajiado East,Central and South . It was expected to benefit farmers and pastoralists in, Eselenkei, Emashini,Iltuleta, Olanti Mashuuru and Lenkisim villages who practice farming and pastoralism.

During the launch Lenku said the bridge was to transform the area economically and trucks will no longer get stuck along the river due to unavailability of a bridge.

County roads minister Alex Kilowua said it was the first major bridge to be funded by the county government of Kajiado.

“We would like to thank the contractor, in four months he has put up the bridge,” he said.

A local resident said students do not report to school when the river floods.

The bridge was constructed by Span Products Limited in the financial year 2020/2021.

In a press statement on Thursday Kilowua said they have inspected the bridge and engineers have found that the design and construction period was well managed and quality control was well structured and documented.

`The contract for the bridge is within the defect liability period and we have therefore directed the contractor to commence the reconstruction of the pier with immediate effect ,’ he said.

He added that they have mobilized engineers and consultants to assess the situation fully and give a detailed report by next Monday.

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