Kajiado govt; sell of carbon credit stopped, agreements revoked

Kajiado County government has revoked all carbon credit agreements signed between land Group Ranches and other entities.

In a public notice in local dailies dated 24th May, county secretary Francis ole Sakuda indicated that persons or entities that shall continue to engage in the business without the county government approval shall do so at their own risk and the county government will not honour such agreements, contracts and arrangements.

โ€œMembers of the public are advised not to engage with any such entities or their agents or proxies until further notice,โ€ part of the notice read.

The county secretary further said that the county is aware of individuals and entities who are fraudulently engaging various land group ranches and community conservancies with intentions of purchasing carbon credits from them.

Sakuda further indicated that the carbon credit market has limited legal regulatory framework thus making carbon trading in the country an opaque undertaking.

The National Climate Change Action under the Climate Change Act of 2016 which is to guide the county towards achievement of low carbon climate resilient sustainable development does not specifically address how trading in carbon credits as a climate change response will be regulated in the country.

By Obegi Malack

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