Kajiado County receives Ksh557M Equalization Fund for development projects

Kajiado County has received Ksh557.8 million from the national government as Equalization Fund.

The county is among the 34 marginalized countries receiving the funds.

The national assembly passed the Equalization Fund (Appropriations) bill 2023 that authorizes counties to spend Ksh13.89 billion in the current financial year ending June 30, 2023.

“The Equalization Fund Secretariat may issue Ksh13.89 billion out of the Equalization Fund as allocation for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 FY and apply it towards the supply granted for the service of the year ending on the June 30, 2023,” the bill states.

Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) Vice Chairman Koitamet ole Kina said the marginalized areas in Kajiado County that had been neglected in development will now benefit from the fund.  

The commission identified 64 sub locations where residents lack access to basic services.

Kajiado Central constituency will receive Ksh193, 454,639: Dalalekutuk will receive Ksh64, 262,631, Matapato North will receive Ksh63, 283,638, Matapato South will receive Ksh44, 351,706 and Purko will receive Ksh21, 556,664.

Kajiado South will receive Ksh84, 920,007: Entonet/Lengism will receive Ksh35,879,117,  Imbirikani/Esselengei will receive Ksh18,527,296, Kuku will receive Ksh20,700,918 and Rombo  will receive Ksh9,812,676.

Kajiado West  will receive Ksh279,466,809: Ewuaso Kedong Ksh44,195, Keekonyokie Ksh26,471,023, Magadi Ksh111,813,327, Mosiro Ksh29,139,180 and Oloodokilan Ksh67,848,205.

Ole Kina said the funds will address factors that cause poverty such as lack of water, education, electricity, roads and health.

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Lenku said the third marginalization policy being developed must be as scientific as possible and should not be interfered with politically. 

Previously, the funds benefited 14 least developed counties including those in arid and semi-arid areas, but the CRA changed the formula and expanded the beneficiaries to 34 counties.

The Equalisation Fund is provided for under Article 204 of the Constitution of Kenya to provide basic services to marginalized areas.

The article states that 0.5 per cent of all revenue collected by the national government should be allocated to the fund.

Since its establishment, the fund entitlement stands at Ksh54.03 billion but only Ksh26.29 billion has been allocated and Ksh12.40 billion disbursed in 2018.

Apart from the Equalisation Fund, Kajiado County will also receive funds for several projects in the 2023/2024 Financial Year.

This was revealed during the National Assembly Committee on Budget and Appropriations public participation forum held in Ngong, Kajiado North and chaired by Narok South MP Kitilai Ole Ntutu.

Residents who attended the forum urged the government to give priority to education, roads and water which are their main challenges.

Projects to be funded are:

  • Kajiado access roads Ksh58 million
  • Oleusuyea Kona baridi bridge Ksh10 million
  •  Machakos Konza Kajiado Namanga Road Ksh200 million
  •  Loitokitok new prison Ksh27.5 million
  •  Construction of health facility at Kitengela Prison Ksh16 million
  • Oloyiangalani Dam development project Ksh20 million
  • Equipping of Kajiado West TTI Ksh69 million
  •  Isinya Konza Road Ksh 5 million
  •  Construction of hostel  KIBHT Ngong campus Ksh10 million
  • Olekasasi B  Lengete Ksh42 million
  • Footbridge  Ksh6 million
  • Esukuta Footbridge of Olkejuado River  Ksh6 million
  • Construction of Ngong land registry Ksh30 million
  •  Construction of county integrated industrial park Ksh100  million
  • Making Ngong Road phase 11 Adams Arcade to Ngong Town Kiserian dual at Ksh90 million

By Obegi Malack


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