Kajiado County might opt for lockdown ,Lenku says

By Abdi Hussein

Kajiado County government might opt for county lockdown to curb the alarming new Covid 19 infections.

New Covid 19 infections in Kajiado county continue to surge up placing the county among the top five  Covid 19 hotspot countrywide.

Kajiado governor Joseph ole Lenku says despite the stringent measures put across the county by the devolved unit ,the new infections are worrying.

Lenku says his administration might consider county lockdown soon to contain the situation.

“We are closely monitoring the new infections figures.We will have an Executive meeting next week and our next cause of action will be informed by the figures trend by then.We can not rule out county lockdown,”Said Lenku.

Lenku says his administration is focused to boost Covid 19 home care program and it’s considering translating ministry of health guidelines  into Maasai dialect to enlighten locals.

Kajiado County boasts of two border entries in Namanga and Tarakea among several clandestine routes along the Kenya-Tanzania porous border line.

The proximity of Kajiado County from Nairobi Capital city and   Kenya-Tanzania porous border are attributed to the high number of infections.

According to the County department of health, 80 percent of total infections are recorded at Namanga one border post involving truck drivers on transit.Recently,all Kajiado County  Covid 19  collected samples are being referred to Namanga mobile laboratory installed by the National Government in May 2020.

Also, some significant numbers of infections has been recorded in Kajiado urban centres bordering Nairobi County.Most residents are said to  commute daily to Nairobi for work.

Since the  first Covid-19  case was reported in Ong’ata Rongai,Kajiado County, in March 2020,the number has kept on rising with fatalities recorded.

By Wednesday 16th 2020,the county had recorded 538 total shares among five sub counties with border Kajiado Central sub county leading with 187  infections and rural  Kajiado West sub county recording  four cases.A total of 154 patient’s have  recovered and  10 deaths reported.

All Covid 19 patients are  said to be stable and receiving treatment at various isolation and treatment facilities with some on home based care.

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