Kajiado 2022 crowded senatorial race

Kajiado Speaker Johnson Osoi

By Abdi Hussein and Obegi Malack

The 2022 Kajiado senate is currently generating political heat with several political heavy weight throwing their hat around the ring.

Several candidates has declared their interest to oust Senator Mpaayei in 2022 in a political duel that may see only male candidates face off. Nevertheless,all hopefuls are tight lip on the political party they will use as political vehicles-Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) outcome is expected  to be a turning point for many politicians.

Philip Mpaayei, Kajiado Senator

The contest might be an in-house race among County Jubilee political party Stewart’s with Kajiado West sub county recording heightened interests.

Pundits compare the Kajiado senatorial post as a poisoned chalice owing to political coldness on National agenda attributed to the  the current  senator and his predecessor.

In 2017 political green horn Philip Sarao Mpaayei vying on Jubilee ticket shook off a spirited onslaught from ODMs Daniel Tinaai to succeed Eng Peter Mositet as the vast county second senator.

Peter Mositet, former Kajiado Senator

Eng Mositet had seemingly fell out with the “system” that threw him under the bus during the Jubilee party primaries in 2017.Eng Mositet is said to be eyeing governorship in 2022 this is according to his close confidents but he has denied going for the position.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had appointed the former senator to chair board of Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

Governor Lenku team had won most of elected posts on Jubilee ticket making inroads in ODM zones.

However, before the general elections dust had settled on the ground, things begun to fall out for Senator Mpaayei forcing him into political hibernation severally-an absent  senator.

The ground on his feet was seemingly pulling out his feet in senate too. Pundits argue politics is about interest and mischief but in  June 2019, Senator Mpaayei was ousted as the chairman of the Senate National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration committee.

Members accused Mpayeei of incompetence and absenteeism that had rendered the panel toothless and dysfunctional.As usual,he buried his head in the sand and came out unperturbed despite Kajiado county electorates outcry.

Senator Mpaayei is said not have let down his political ‘god fathers’ a mistake that could come to haunt him in the looming political pacts.

A close ally to the embattled senator confines to county press  he might defend his seat waiting to leap from BBI possible euphoria. His royalty is seen divided between Jubilee Tangatanga faction associated with deputy president William Ruto, Raila Odinga and KANU Gideon Moi led party.

In the last one month he has been seen in DP Ruto’s residence in Karen and Raila’s office.He hosted the DP in the Olngesher Lool Ilmerishie ceremony at Maparasha Olchoro Oibor in Kajiado County.

Kajiado politician Daniel Tenaai

Daniel Tinaai believes he is ready and more political survey to wrestle the seat from senator Mpaayei in 2022, he also attended the Olngesher Lool Ilmerishie ceremony with Ruto.

Tinaai run on ODM ticket in 2017 but  lost to Mpaayei despite opinion polls placing him much ahead of Mpaayei.

Mr Tinaai who later decamped from ODM to Jubilee has positioned himself as an “de facto alternative senator’, owing to the incumbent eerie silence. He is said to have been seating on the fence, aiming his prey and waiting for 2022 to strike.

“My eyes  are on the prize.Kajiado electorates deserve good representation in the senate.We have erlier made mistakes but they must be corrected and we forge ahead,” said Tinaai.

Most electorates from both political divisions seemingly have a hot spot for Taanai a factor that might sway votes in his way. Some residents believe Tinaai was a victim of “system in 2017.”

The former Defunct Ole Kejuado County Council chairman Taraiya ole Kores names pop umpteenth time among those positioning themselves to go for each other jugular in senatorial race.

Mr Kores,a shrewd politician, and former Kajiado county gubernatorial contestant is rumoured to being fronted for  the senatorial seat.

Though ODM Kores has in the past vehemently denied the rumours that he  will vie for senatorial insisting he will go for governorship. Kores is pegging his interest on governorship as a decoy to distract his political competitors.

Mr Kores remains like a bride eyed by Governor Lenku and former County chief Dr David Nkedianye for a political pact. Recently Kores and Lenku dalliance has been reported. Also Kores hosted Dr Nkedianye,Kajiado East Mp,former NTSA boss Francis Meja  and several former civic leaders in his Kajiado West home. Source indicate all attendants belong to Odomongi Maasai clan.A political  pact is seemingly cooking.

Also in the ring is current Kajiado County Assembly speaker Johnson Osoi from Kajiado Central subcounty.

Former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda

The second term speaker and former County Assembly Federation-CAF- chairperson has declared his interest to succeed Senator Mpaayei.

Mr Osoi,a soft spoken orater, is said to have mastered the intricate web of  murky county politics .He has been spin master of ward politics and possibly the MCAs grass roots mobilization might turn political waves his way.

“Yes am running for senatorial post in 2022 God willing. Change is constant and ready to serve Kajiado electorates in a higher office.”Said Osoi.

Recently Mr Osoi has buried the hatchet with Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku that might be a blessing in disguise for him. His peers describe him as a  brave foot soldier who tells the “king he is naked”. The Speaker has attended an event where Ruto was the chief guest in Kitengela.

Immediate Kajiado West legislature Moses Sakuda says he is seeking to fit in senatorial boots in 2020.The rumble rouser politician who lost in 2017 to Incumbent George Sunkuiya is perceived as a collosul figure in Kajiado politics.

“Am in senatorial race bigger and better. Watch the space for political whirlwind. Am the man to beat,” he said

Mr Sakuda is governor Lenku ally and is famed for brokering truce among warring parties politically. He once had President Kenyatta ear since the 2012 Kajiado by-election when he captured the seat on TNA ticket.

Ewuaso Kedong MCA Justus Ngossor

However it is entrant of Ewuaso Kedong MCA Justus Ngossor into the contest that has shook the county political undertones.

The second term Jubilee (former URP) MCA from Kajiado West says he has matured politically and would like to serve Kajiado electorate   in a higher office.

Ngossor inherited his post from his rumble rouser elder brother and the late professor George Saitoti ally and region point man.

“Our people yearn for proper representative in the senate.I will be the voiceless of thousand voice less in the rural and urban satellite towns in our vast county,” said Ngusor.

His peers in county assembly say “Endege” as fondly known is not a push over in politics. He is known for consistent and tough  political decision.

“Any worth senatorial hopeful must not down look MCA Ngossor. He is a swift politician who knows how to take advantage of political waves,”said a close confidant.

Mr Ngossor might have borrowed heavily from Kajiado West legislature George Sunkuyia with whom he served as an MCA in the first county assembly since inception of devolved unit.

Executive Director Peter Ntoyan Ole Musei

Another hopeful chairman of the board of Consolidated Bank Limited. Peter Ntoyan Ole  Musei from Kajiado North Subcounty.A former teacher and Wiper party region official, unlike other hopefuls, he is confident he will vie on wiper party.

The former Kajiado North parliamentary candidate say since inception of devolved unit,Kajiado has been denied a voice on National issues and much anticipated check and balance on county government.

“Kajiado county need an astute senator who will be able to articulate locals needs and plights.Kajiado county raggs behind in representation in senate and National political agenda,’’ said Ole Musei.

Ole Musei believe the urban swing votes in Kajiado North Sub County might put him ahead of other contenders in 2022.

Ngong Municipality Board member Brian ole Sekento

Another candidate from cosmopolitan region is Ngong Municipality Board member Brian ole Sekento from Oloolua Ward, the youthful politician has vied for Oloolua Ward MCA seat twice.

The politician is the youngest candidate to join the senatorial race; he believes he has support of youths who are majority voters. He says it is time the youths support their own to take leadership positions to create job opportunities.

Former Kores personal assistant Kasaine ole Mekiko who hails from Loitoktok is also vying for the position

Kasaine had dumped Kores and is now drumming support for reelection of Lenku in 2022.

More candidates are expected to join the bandwagon towards 2022 either to test waters or spoil chances of their victims.
The 2022 senatorial race might degenerate into Maa community clan politics working against contestants from minority sub clans.

With no possible immigrant candidate, the contestants will square it out to win the urban swing votes.

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