Group ranch alleges land demarcation anomaly

A section of members of Morijo group ranch addressing Journalists. Photo By Ben Leshau

By Ben Leshau

Some members of Morijo group ranch in Narok South have alleged lack of transparency in the ongoing demarcation of the ranch.

Led by Shadrack Kiok, Leshan Kanunga and  Moses Kisaika, the group claimed they had been kept in the dark over the land sub-division exercise that started November last year.

“We are in support of the sub-division of the group ranch but as legitimate members we feel sidelined in the whole exercise,” lamented Kiok.

He said group ranch committee officials created some by-laws that were to be applied in the exercise but members have never seen them

He raised concern over failure by committee officials to make the member’s register public for them to vet legitimate and the illegitimate members.

“We feel the register has been manipulated and new members sneaked in behind our backs. We need transparency in this crucial exercise,” said Kiok.

The members now want the lands ministry to demarcate the group ranch’s boundaries bordering  Naroosura, Kanunga and Osupuko group ranches because Morijo members do not know the exact boundary.

“We fear that the hiding of information on matters such as the acreage, number of members and boundaries by officials in collusion with some rogue lands officers poses danger,” said Kanunga.

They said adjudication of Morijo ranch was declared 10 years ago but the demarcation only began last year.

They intimated that the corrupt committee members were allegedly bribed to enter names of outsiders into the group ranch’s membership register.

They now fear that genuine members might lose huge tracks of land to land cartels.
“We shall never relent in fighting for transparency in the exercise. If we fail to fight for our rights, we shall end up with less than 10 acres of land and our generations will be rendered landless,” added Kiok.

Efforts by County Press to reach the group ranch’s committee Chairman Mr Malano Seigura proved futile as his phone was off.

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