County hit by severe children malnutrition

f1 By Philip Tianda and Mary Mwangi
Yiamat Oloontasati, a mother of 8 children in Kilonito village, Kajiado West carried her 10-year-old daughter in her arms as she walked out of her Manyatta to address Journalists. Her husband, Koikai Olootontasati walked close to her, holding their sick child with the hope that one day visitors in their rural village would be touched to fund for the medication of their daughter their second Born Megeya Oloontasat, was born healthy but due to the hardships and poverty that the family undergoes, the child lost weight rapidly over the months and that has lead to serious weaknesses in her body. Her mother said the time her daughter was 5 years old she was only 4.5 kilogrammes, 10 Kilogrammes less than what is considered normal for her age.
The young girl who is also stunted and anemic is just one out of thousands of children in the County, especially with the residents who still dwell on cultural beliefs on feeding their young ones.   Olodo Enterit of Kilonito location, is a far-flung village where people live a “hard life”, in the mountainous area of 46 Kajiado West Sub-County about 150 kilometers from Kajiado town. Lack of health amenities in this area, and residents still stuck on cultural beliefs may be the cause of many children’s malnourishment. However, according to Oloontasati, poverty is the major reason behind diseases such as Kwashiorkor and Pneumonia. “Our main food is milk, meat and ugali sometimes during drought, we go without food and children survive on ‘olerai” (boiled roots from trees). After the 2007 severe drought is when I realized that the child couldn’t walk by herself and since all the animals died then, I was left with nothing to take her to hospital with,” he said.
“I appeal to all leaders and well-wishers to support my daughter’s treatment, I would appreciate even if I got a wheel chair,” the old man pleaded.  Government records in the nearby Mile 46, Health Centre which is 85 kilometers away show that at least 49 out of 500 children are either sick or recovering from nutrition related diseases.

Oloolua Resort, where Kajiado’s comfy lies

f2By  Joyce Mong’are
Ever wanted to have a feel of African and European culture infused in one package? Then, Oloolua Resort is the destination. With enough compelling sights, the facility is located in a serene environment marked by lush green grass and neatly manicured grounds, which blend with the landscape with just a few minutes’ drive from Ngong town. It is seated on the heart of Ngong directly facing the Ngong Hills. The resort is. Oloolua Resort consists of a restaurant area, Lodges, campsite areas and Gardens. It is a place that can accommodate a family on a night out and or a single person. Its rooms are designed to cater for all. The rooms display an array of finely fitted décor and super magnificent ambience drawn from the view of the windows. The colors of the beddings go with the moods of the clients to draw sentimental value.
The cabinets and chairs are made of natural material from the nearby Oloolua forest to give a feel of the African culture. The rooms are fitted with showers and fridges to keep personal items preserved and a nice study area for the lovers of books. Apart from the lodges, it comprises of tents and camps with sufficient space for bonfires. They are fitted with showers and a kitchen area for personal cookings. Other than sleeping facilities, activities such as fishing, team building, swimming and swimming lessons are carried out.  The fish ponds have tilapia breed of fish which can be cooked to  customer’s specification. A lounge to hold Birthday parties for kids while enjoying some nyamachoma, is available. The facility provides a variety of conference facilities for big and lesser groups. Meeting areas are spacious with good lighting and blinders for use of screens. The conference areas also have free Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you think of a romantic getaway, time out with the family or even time out with friends tucked away from hustle and bustle of everyday life, then pop in to Oloolua Resort.f3


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