Faraja group celebrates the elderly, children’s first teachers in the society

By Obegi Malack


Parents play a great role in ensuring their children get a good life .They are their children’s first teachers and remain their best teachers throughout their lives.

It’s therefore sad that some children abandon their parents once they become successful. The children do not visit their parents or provide for their needs leaving the old folks at the mercies of the government.

The few and lucky folks get to receive government’s grant commonly known as “Pesa kwa Wazee”.

Some locals from Kajiado North sub county have formed a group known as Faraja Group that visits elders around the sub county.

The group was launched three years ago and it comprises of 50 people.

The chairman of the group Wilson ole Naimasia from Oloolua Ward said the idea of visiting the elders come about after they visited a former member of parliament, Philip Odupoy in Kiserian.

The group wants to do away with the norm of visiting parents when they are sick and instead embrace the norm of celebrating them when they are alive.

They have been able to visit around 10 elders in Kajiado North, celebrating their contribution to the society.

The group had visited Mzee Mositet Osingiti, father to former Kajiado County senator Peter Mositet, who is now chair board of Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

Mositet who is a member of the group  said it was after  a member lost a parent, that they came up with the idea of visiting parents when they are alive and healthy.

“Holding parties for our parents makes them live longer. They are happy when they get recognized and feel good that their children have friends,” he said.

He added that his father has been a mirror of society.

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