Don’t allow charcoal business, Kipkemei warns law enforcers

By Christine Musa

Police officers and chiefs abetting logging and charcoal burning in the county are being profiled and will soon face the wrath of law.
County Commissioner David Kipkemei has sent a stern warning to government officials allowing the vices to continue despite government ban.
Speaking at Kajiado KCB grounds, Kipkemei said the charcoal burning was still rampant in the region as unscrupulous business persons were colluding with chiefs and police officers.
Kipkemei noted both administration police officers and regular police are highly engaged and thousands of bags of charcoal were gaining access to the market.
Police officers manning road blocks were allowing lorries and motorcycles ferry charcoal.
“We have police officers who are abetting crime for their selfish interest along the Nairobi-Namanga road. They are working in cahoots with local chiefs and some forest officers and that’s why charcoal business is still a lucrative business in this county,” said Kipkemei.
He gave directives to the police commander and officer in charge of Kenya Forest Services in the County to ensure the culprits are brought to book.

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