Dawamu Boys’ play steals show as Isinya schools drama festival ends

By Our Reporter.

Dawamu Boys High School stole the show with their play titled ‘Symbolism’ that displayed superb stage skills during the Isinya Sub County Drama Festival held at Noonkopir Girls in Kitengela in Kajiado County recently.
The actors left the audience demanding for more at the festival which also served as a selection platform to choose the best group to compete with others at the County level.
Dawamu Boys’ play depicting corruption indicted the church and the Government over the vice. The play revolves around a king who was corrupt in his palace. He kills people without a care and with no justice while the church reaps from the king, who due to his power is giving out a lot of money and golden gifts to the church apparently to buy their silence.
The items presented enabled the various schools to display their skills. Dawamu emerged the best in the play category overall. Their play was directed and scripted by Moses Mwathi and Salastam respectively.
Christopher Kimani, a Form Two student from Dawamu, earned accolades for his team when he was declared the best actor, earning praise from the adjudicators. The school expects to qualify to proceed to the national level where they hope to get sponsorship to nurture their talent.
Hosts Noonkopir Girls presented an item in modern dance and emerged the best in that category.
There were seven items presented including stand up comedy, solo verse, oral verse, narrative, modern dance and play. The winners included Isinya, Olooltepes, Oloosirkon, Noonkopir and Dawamu.
The chairlady of Isinya Sub County Drama Festival, Rosemary Ngota, who is also the Principal of Olooltepes, speaking at event said she appreciated the efforts of teachers, directors and co-ordinators in nurturing the talents of the students.
Due to the recent changes, Kajiodo County is no longer under Metropolitan Region but in Rift Valley and, therefore County level competitions will be held at Maasai Technical Kajiadio early next month.

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