Crack whip on exploiters of PLWDs, Yattani told

By Our Reporter

A nominated MP representing persons living with disabilities has petitioned Labour CS Yukur Yattani to investigate some officials in the special groups department over what he termed as exploitation.
The MP claimed that certain people were using the international forums meant for disabilities to mint cash in form of allowances and per diems.
David ole Sankok who is the immediate former Chairman for National Council for Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD) said there was a ploy by some unnamed people to sideline persons Living with disabilities in the coming forum to be held in London July this year.
“Last week there was a pre-summit meeting on the upcoming Global Disability Forum to be held in London July 24 and we heard that the disabled were not well represented and we fear they might be planning to leave them behind,” claimed Sankok.
The MP who spoke after he gave a motivational talk to students at Ololulung’a Boys in Narok South Constituency said there could be an impending scandal and the Ministry should swiftly investigate the claim.
The MP said that being a forum to discuss n the achievement and challenges facing the disabled across the country, it will be prudent for the officials to allow at least 70 per cent of the about 40 Kenyan delegation to comprise the disabled.
He added: “Nothing for us without us. Who has ever seen women attending a men-only forum? Then why is it that when it is PLWD day we have some able-bodied attending?,” posed the MP.
The forum, he said, is an opportunity for the disabled to interact and learn from their counterparts across the world.
He said those who are required to attend such forums include the Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs), Non-Governmental Organisations, leaders representing the disabled as well Government officials appointed to represent the disabled.
“During such a forum there should be both sides. The Government to say what they have done to the disabled and independent disabled organizations to critique the government. We cannot have just one side,”said the legislator.
He said they (disabled) do not want the Rio Paralympics debacle where 29 officials traveled to the games where only nine athletes competed.

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