County issues eviction notice to traders on road reserve.

By Obegi Malack

The Kajiado County government through the Department of Trade, Culture, wildlife and Tourism has issued eviction notice to traders who are operating on road reserve.

Through a letter dated 14th May 2018, the county gives the traders and business owners seven days to relocate their businesses or be evicted.

But what has attracted many is why the letter contains many errors .The letter is indicated to have been drafted by the Ministry of Trade, Industrialization and Enterprise Development and is signed by chief officer from Industrialization and Enterprise Development.

It has gone viral and left many with questions whether the drafter understands which department he/she falls in.

Chris Pareiyo who shared the letter on social media said the official letter exposes glaring incompetence of county public servants.

He says such ministry does not exist and counties are led by departments headed by County Executive Committee members not ministers

“It is extremely embarrassing for those public servants employed by the county (most of them were not recruited competitively) to display their incompetence in public,” he posted.

He said the chief officer failing to indicate his name, suggest the letter cannot be taken seriously.

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