Civil society organizations urged to promote human rights

By Obegi Malack

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have been urged to continue promoting human rights protection in Kajiado County.

The CSO officials and activists who attended International Human Rights Day, 16 Days of Activism against Gender violence in Kenya Works Organization (Vicodec) Kajiado North were challenged to ensure violators of human rights will not go scot-free.

Residents were advised to stop paying for P3 forms since it should be a free of charge document.

Human rights activist Longton Jamil claimed the police are still charging locals in order to access the documents.

The activist said the documents are used to delay justice for those locals who cannot afford the money. Most of the people who access the documents including children are forced to pay for it.

 A ruling was issued on April 5 2019 by High Court sitting in Embu , terming the levies charged in police stations as illegal.

In the ruling, Justice Florence Muchemi said that the Kenya Constitution does not provide for charging of filling of P3 Forms which are issued by the police officers.

The Vicodec meeting was attended by a number of CSOs, activists, government officials who were taken through achievements they have been able to make in fighting for human rights.

Kenya works coordinator Caroline Gitau said the 71 st Anniversary of the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN was marked by the Theme โ€œStand Up For Human Rightsโ€.ย  The organizations celebrated the Human Rights and advocated for education, health care, protection, rescue, information and empowerment among others.

Kenya works director Julie Schaller Schmidt along with other sponsors, have been able to sponsor 120 secondary school needy and bright students. It has been able to train over 1250 Community members on the negative implications of gender-based violence, harmful cultural practice, skillful parenting among other topics in over 16 counties in Kenya in 2019.

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